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At age 10, Ryan Dong learned a card trick to show his friends at summer camp. His pals’ reaction to the slight of hand left him with a euphoria that propelled him to hone his craft. “Everybody absolutely flipped out,” Ryan remembers. For Ryan, magic was no fleeting summer interest. He continued to study tricks and became a member of the Magic Castle Junior Society, a social group for people under 18 at the exclusive magicians’ club, where members have to try out before being admitted. “I saw all these people with business cards and thought, ‘People make money doing this?’” And a nascent business was born. By 13, Dong was working gigs, making business cards and launching a Facebook page for his business: Ryan Dong Magic. In addition to performing at the world famous magic castle he works charity events, weddings, birthday parties, and private parties.

Ryan performs STROLLING MAGIC which is an intimate style of magic designed for small groups.  Strolling allows Ryan to entertain and interact with small groups of guests as he strolls an event during a more informal type atmosphere, perfect for receptions or an informal soiree.

Ryan also performs CLOSE-UP MAGIC which is a more formal performance of slight of hand and table magic usually a 25-35 minute show designed for groups of up to 25 people, perfect for a holiday party.

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